7 Useless Grilling Tools

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When it comes to grilling, and cooking in general, it's easy to get wrapped up in buying fun gadgets and kitchen products. But when you stock your house with a bunch of useless tools that you only use once, you end up having a graveyard of novelty items collecting dust (think golf-themed BBQ tools). 

Sure, it's fun to have some cool gadgets, but there has to be a limit — and they should be ones you actually use. To help you avoid wasting your money and precious storage space, we asked The Cooking Guy Sam Zien and Food Network's Aaron McCargo what they thought were some of the more ridiculous tools out there and came up with a few of our own.

Click here to see the 7 Useless Grilling Tools Slideshow. 

McCargo has some words of advice for the hard-core grilling people who have all the specialty tools: "People get way too sensitive and paranoid about what's going on out there. You don't have to be gentle, nothing you do on a barbecue is really tender anyway." So this summer, put away the briefcase of tools and "let grilling be grilling."

Let us know if you've spotted any over-the-top grilling equipment that should be added to this slideshow!

Click here to see the 7 Useless Grilling Tools Slideshow.