Outstanding Mac And Cheese Recipes

There's nothing quite like pasta swimming in a gooey, bubbly sea of cheeses to whet one's appetite on a cold, cloudy day. Or a bright and sunny day, for that matter. Mac and cheese is the preferred method of delivery of fats, carbs, cholesterol, and salt for many, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's downright delicious. It's honest and comforting, familiar yet frequently sought-after — many yearn for that perfect bite of pasta to take them back to childhood.

There's always the easy way out — mac and cheese out of the box — but sometimes going the extra mile and taking the homemade route is worthwhile. Not that anyone is going to be forced to make béchamel sauce — that would be the obvious take, anyway. Instead, we offer some interesting interpretations on this perennial comfort food.

The beauty of this classic dish is that it's so easy to get creative with it. Jazz it up with some breadcrumbs, try different cheeses, or (gasp) even work some vegetables in there. As with any other dish, though, mac and cheese will only taste as good as the sum of its ingredients, so go for the quality butter and cheese to make a dish that truly shines.

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