Outrageously Fattening Foods Around The World

Why do we love fattening food so much? Deep-fried, loaded with sugar, lashings of butter... it all sounds deadly, but so delish! Across the world you'll be able to find a decadent dish that promises to delight your taste buds while adding inches to you waistline!

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Face it, given the choice between a plate of vegetables and a cheeseburger, most people will choose the cheeseburger (even though we know we shouldn't), especially if we feel like indulging. Many countries around the world have their own local version — a decadent dish that is loaded with as much flavor as it is with calories that are just so hard to resist.

In many country the biggest culprit is cheese, and lots of it. In Canada, cheese curds are added to french fries and topped with brown gravy in a dish called poutine. It's artery-clogging deliciousness at its best.

The French are known throughout the world for being (and perhaps ambiguously) some of the healthiest eaters in the world and simultaneously having a cuisine that often loaded with lard, butter, and sugar. The French countryside favorite aligot is testament to that: it's mashed potato with melted cheese mixed in that's usually eaten like a fondue that is scooped up with juicy pork sausages. It may add inches to your waistline but it's so popular across France that the risk appears to be worth it!

The Indian sweet treat jalebi is not only scrumptious (and hard to stop with just one) but it's also arguably one of the most fattening foods in the whole world... the combination of deep-fried wheat dough and sugary syrup make it a deadly combination.

Read on to find out what other tasty but incredibly fattening foods people are indulging in across the world.

Acarajé, Brazil

This popular Brazilian dish is made from peeled black-eyed peas that are mushed-up into a ball and deep-fried... in palm oil! The balls are then cut in half and stuffed with shrimp, sauce, and trimmings. For the record, palm oil is one of the healthier oils going because it's trans fat-free, but it is high in calories, making it a great oil to supplement a staple food diet, but not so good if you're watching your waistline.

Churros, Spain

A churro is a long Spanish doughnut (also popular in France, the Philippines, Portugal, and Latin America). Legend has it that Portuguese traders brought something similar to the churros back to Europe from their travels through the Orient, but this Spanish version has since evolved. It's deep-fried, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and eaten either by itself or dipped in a bowl of thick chocolate.

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