Our Sugar Intake Should Be Cut In Half, Says WHO

With diabetes and heart problems on the rise, consumption of sugary foods and drinks is definitely a problem, both nationally and internationally. There are almost seven teaspoons of sugar in one can of cola alone.  The World Health Organization in Geneva is now saying that we should actually be cutting our daily sugar intake in half, from 10 percent of daily caloric consumption down to five percent, which would be the equivalent of about six teaspoons of sugar every day for the average American.

"The latest scientific evidence shows that in adults, there is an association between reduced intake of sugars and reduced body weight," Tarik Jasarevic, a representative from the world Health Organization told The Daily Meal. "And in places where people consume less than six tablespoons of sugar per day, there are lower levels of tooth decay."

But not everyone is so quick to jump on these new daily intake suggestions. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said that they still are not recommending a daily sugar intake or limitation.

"The Academy instead encourages cutting back on foods and drinks with added sugars or energy-containing sweeteners," said a representative.