Our Newest Obsession: Drinking Beer Out Of A Pouch

It loks like a huge Capri Sun, but it tastes like a beer — because it is.

Beer Pouch's resemble the childhood favorite Capri Sun

Capri Sun is a childhood favorite for most young children. As they get older, it serves as a functional, sugary chaser or mixer for drinks when they still have to hide it from their parents (and probably the best tasting thing they have access to in their fridge at home). But Capri Sun consumption seems to stop after you are old enough to order drinks at a bar, but fear not! Adults can now enjoy the fun of a drink pouch with Beer Pouch.

Marketing themselves as “flexible packaging for carbonated beverages,” BeerPouch makes it clear on its site that any bubbly drink like beer (or champagne if you feel like putting your high society drink in a plastic pouch), or non-carbonated drink.

If you’re worried about losing the freshness from cracking open a bottle of beer, don’t worry — the pouch has a screw top, similar to a bottle, which eliminates light and oxygen damage (the two main enemies of beer). If you’re worried about the environment, the site makes it clear that “the recycled aluminum can and the aseptic package have the lowest environmental costs” compared to the virgin aluminum can for single servings.


The pouches are about $10 and can hold 64 ounces. They are mostly marketed towards brewers because they can be customized for each brewery and are a less expensive (and lighter) alternative.