Oscar Mayer Rolls Out Pulled Pork

New 'Carving Board' products include Hickory Smoked and Sweet & Spicy

Oscar Mayer has rolled out Pulled Pork, in Hickory Smoked and Sweet & Spicy Varieties.

Earlier this week, renowned pitmaster Brad Orrison, of Mississippi’s The Shed BBQ and Food Network’s Best in Smoke, stopped by The Daily Meal offices to whip up some "walking tacos" showcasing his barbecue sauce along with Oscar Mayer’s newest product, pulled pork.

As a part of their new "Carving Board" line of products (which also includes chicken breast, turkey breast, roast beef, and ham), pulled pork is a no-brainer. Just pop it in the microwave with some sauce, load it up onto a roll, and you’ve got dinner. Orrison took a decidedly different approach, though, opening up a bag of BBQ potato chips and adding in the pork, his restaurant’s signature sauce, black olives, and coleslaw. They call it "Pork by Fork."

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So how does the new product measure up? You won’t confuse it with real down-home country barbecue, but it certainly gets the job done. The hickory smoke flavor comes through, and there are big chunks of pork (complete with bark) in each 11.5-ounce container. I wouldn’t try to fool your friends with it, but as far as grocery store smoked pulled pork goes, Oscar Mayer’s was a pleasant surprise.