Orogold Skincare: Does the Secret to Youth Lie In Gold And Denise Richards?


You know how some things are just so ridiculously, outrageously priced they leave you flabbergasted and sarcastically remarking that it must be made out of gold? Well this time you'd be about half right—and apparently it's worth every penny. Orogold Cosmetics has a bit of a hidden gem in their beauty products: pure, luxurious, give-my-skin-the-Midas-touch, gold. At the opening of their first flagship store in NYC, the company announced "golden" haired beauty, Denise Richards as the new spokesperson of the luxury, anti-aging skincare brand.
Orogold's secret to youth lies in pure gold; great beauties in history including Cleopatra and Chinese Empresses utilized the precious metal to maintain their youthful complexion. Taking a note from the queens of the past, they created beauty products containing 24kt gold. Knowing the benefits of decadent ingredients, Richards partnered with Orogold, "I've been approached by skincare brands in the past, but Orogold is truly a wonderful brand, using minerals that benefit the skin. They use 24kt Gold, Diamond Dust, Mother of Pearl, and other vitamins and minerals, all of which work together so I can really see the results."
There to cut the red ribbon at the opening of their New York flagship location, Richards was one of the first to experience the new store. "Their brand specialists were so helpful and educated about the products." Richards said, "They helped me pick products for my skin type as well as just giving me great tips and facts about skin in general." With nine different collections tailored to skin needs and anti-aging goals, they range from skin softening body butters to hydrating 24kt gold silk masks. These products include features like daily essentials, vitamin c infused serums and cleansers, and collagen replenishing masks and creams. They even have a men's collection so you can indulge your favorite guy.
Orogold may be on the pricey side, ($1,300 face sheets anyone?) but their products contain pure 24kt gold. And if a gold face mask is what's going to give you eternal youth, or at the very least looking as good as Denise Richards, then it's worth it.
Orogold is available online and in-store at their New York flagship location. Price from $98-$1,500.