Orange And Rooibos Iced Tea

This time of year, everyone has their wallet and their waistline on their mind — and SPE Certified's Natalia Hancock has a recipe that can help with both! She suggests a flavorful and healthy tea with a squeeze of winter citrus. Made in a large enough batch, the tea can be used daily as an alternative to calorie-packed and expensive coffee or tea from your nearest coffeeshop.

Watch the video above to see Hancock's recipe and follow the recipe below to make it for yourself at home!

Iced Roobios Tea with Orange

6 tablespoons roobios tea, loose leaf

3 oranges

3 clementines


Brew 6 tablespoons of roobios tea in 1 quart of boiling water for 3 minutes (this is very strong and will be diluted). Add to a container able to hold 5 quarts of cold water. Cover and refrigerate.

To serve: pour over ice, and squeeze 1 ounce fresh orange juice and garnish with a slice of clementine. Makes 6 quarts.

Nutrition: Calories 12, Carb 3 grams, potassium 298 milligrams