Oprah Visits Paula Deen, Goes Fishing

Plus, they jump on trampolines and drink cocktails (not at the same time, unfortunately)

Oprah Winfrey

So, this happened on TV: Oprah decided to stop by Paula Deen's house and spend the night, along with Gayle King. Why? For a show on Oprah's network, we guess.

The three women kicked off the visit with some cocktails, which Deen promptly gave back, saying, "That is so strong, and not enough sugar, precious." Then Oprah said something about loving her guest bed, and Deen woke her up to go cat-fishin', and then they all jumped around on a trampoline.

It's all too strange to keep talking about, so watch the supercut below (fair warning, there's quite a bit of shrieking going on in the fishing scene). There's more of that over at OWN.