Open Northeast Fast-Food Chains Are Probably Making Bank

Restaurants that can re-open quickly are most likely getting a sales boost, NBC reports

Judging from how packed New York’s Shake Shacks were last night, and how crowded open Starbucks are today, it’s safe to say that everyone is itching to go out after days of cabin fever.

So naturally, fast-food restaurants open today are bound to make back some money lost to Hurricane Sandy, NBC reports.

But what about restaurants that can’t re-open? "This is pretty damaging for the chains that have been forced to close, depending on how long they stay closed," Same Oches of QSR magazine told NBC. "Not only is that lost sales — Starbucks, for example, did $1.14 million per unit last year, so that's about $22,000 per week per unit — but it also disrupts the supply chain."

NBC reports that on Monday, 1,000 Starbucks locations were closed along the Northeast coast. On Tuesday, 250 stores remained closed.

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Meanwhile, a "significant" number of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins shops remained closed due to power outages or evacuations, although a representative says the majority of their stores are open.