Reopened Restaurants After Coronavirus Will Have Some Of These Small Changes

As states reopen food establishments for dine-in, customers should expect the restaurant experience to be a bit different than before. 

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For weeks, states have implemented coronavirus restrictions and social distancing practices at varying rates of success. Now, as some begin to allow restaurants and bars to open for dine-in, popular chains are left to figure out how best to serve customers all while keeping them and staff as safe as possible. Here are just some of the small changes to expect at a reopen restaurant.

Online or single-use menus

To limit the spread of the virus, restaurants may replace reusable menus with single-use disposable ones or stick to a digital menu accessible via QR code. Menu dishes may also be limited.

Single-use condiments

In the same vein, restaurants may do away with condiment dispensers at tables in favor of single-use disposable packets. 

A push to place a reservation

Since restaurants in several states are required to keep dine-in occupancy to 50% or 25%, they may push customers to place a reservation online or via phone prior to arrival. This also serves to limit wait time, which may be spent in the car instead of a crowded lobby. 

No self-serve beverages 

Restaurants like Burger King and Popeye's have announced big changes for their reopen locations including no self-serve soda. Instead, customers may have to get their beverages and additional condiments from the front counter. 

No buffet style

For buffet-style restaurants like Golden Corral, the traditional buffet-style procedure may be replaced by cafeteria or family-style models. 

These small changes will be incorporated alongside other large ones like reduced capacity and rearranged seats. What diners miss most about restaurants during coronavirus quarantine, however, has more to do with the loved ones they eat with than the food they share. These are the popular chain restaurants opening for dine-in.