One Of New York City's Best Roast Beef Sandwiches

As good as other roast beef sandwich in New York City are for various reasons, one of the best hot roast beef sandwiches has to be #20 made by Nick at Defonte's. Thin-sliced, pink, juicy roast beef; jus dripping on your fingers and the sandwich paper. Tang, spice and sweetness with savory jus that sops into the bread. But be sure to order it per The Daily Meal's the GutterGourmet instructions: "Ask for Nick Defonte. Tell him you want roast beef, bloody-heart-still-beating-red rare, on a soft egg roll, and to dip the roll in the jus. Fresh mutz, hold the eggplant, and add sweet and hot peppers. No lettuce or tomato!" And for all these reasons, this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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