Passenger Says Southwest Owes Him 45 Drinks

Reportedly suing the airline for breach of contract

Remember when Southwest Airlines gave out free alcoholic drink coupons without an expiration date? Well, that policy changed in August 2010, and one customer is ticked off.

The coupons (worth $5 each) were given to customers who bought Business Select tickets, and prior to August 2010, they didn't have an expiration date. Nowadays the coupons must be used on the day of travel printed on them.

Because of the policy change, an Illinois man is suing Southwest for breach of contract, attaching 45 coupons to his complaint. That's $225 worth of drinks. He is seeking comensatory damages and other remedies.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the complaint alleges that "Southwest decided that it would make more money — improve its 'bottom-line' — by choosing not to honor the coupons that consumers had already paid and bargained for."

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