One Baby Burrito, Please!

New company Bon Vivant Baby makes kids look good enough to eat
Bon Vivant Baby

Swaddling baby never looked more delicious.

Bon Vivant Babya company from Katharine Harlan Owens, all began when she noticed how boring baby onesies looked at all of her friend’s baby showers. Inspired by the gourmet culture, she began making adorable outfits around the concept of food. Her first product? The Tortilla Baby.

Tortilla Baby is a newborn swaddle blanket and matching hat that look like an actual flour tortilla. So when a baby is swaddled, it looks like a burrito. A burrito!

Bon Vivant Baby promises to release more food-inspired wear in 2014, and we can’t wait to see what their sewing machines cook up!

How to swaddle and use Tortilla Baby via Bon Vivant Baby:

STEP 1: Fold the blanket down about the length of your hand. Place your baby so that the shoulders align with the fold of the blanket and the head is above the fold.

STEP 2: Place your baby’s right arm flat against their body and pull one side of the blanket across the chest. Take the other side of the blanket and tuck the edge of the blanket under the body.

STEP 3: Fold the bottom of the blanket up and over your baby’s feet. You will start to notice your baby is looking more and more like a burrito!

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STEP 4: Bring the right side of the blanket across your baby’s chest. Tuck any extra fabric underneath your baby to secure a great looking burrito. Enjoy!