The Olympics Cracks Down on Illegal Food Trucks

Illegal vans selling food during the Olympics will be impounded, authorities say

The Food Standards Agency is cracking down on illegal food vans during the 2012 London Olympic Games, and has rented three locations to impound trucks peddling illegal food during the games, the Telegraph reports.

The agency will be on the prowl for "any type of non-fixed businesses, such as ice-cream vans and hot dog stalls," says the report. The extra caution in food safety is to prevent the 1 million expected visitors from contracting food bugs or stomach upsets. The FSA has also trained restaurants and police officers in food safety hygiene, and is preparing for "emergency applications" should officers need to act against fast-food businesses. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, nearly 99 percent of the food tested during the game was deemed safe; the city had similar standards for food safety then.

Don't fret if you still want a hot dog during the games, though — London organizers LOCOG have already signed up 12 different catering companies to feed hungry spectators during the games. The organizers are hailing it as part of the "food vision" plan for the games, the "largest peace-tome catering operation in the world."