Olympic Cocktails Honor the Games

Support team USA as you sip on one of these celebratory drinks

Even though the U.S. might not have won the Olympic bid for the 2012 games, Americans are eager to get in on the Olympic action. What better way to tip our hat to the Brits than British-inspired cocktails in honor of the games? While you may not be able to try the Olympic rosé, sipping on a carefully crafted cocktail will certainly be a brilliant substitute to imbue your evening with the spirit of the games.

If you want a drink that celebrates the British slant to these games, look no further than any variation on the British summer classic Pimm’s Cup. San Francisco’s Sir Francis Drake hotel is serving up a Five Rings Pimm Cocktail, with lemon, cucumber, mint, and peach soda.  Many bars across the country are offering their version of a Pimm's Cup to celebrate the games, so keep your eyes open.

If you feel more like supporting team USA in its chase to the gold, then try any of the red-, white-, and blue-themed cocktails that are popping up at bars around the country. At First Food and Bar in Las Vegas, you can find a cocktail dubbed Team F.I.R.S.T. It’s the bar's classic summer games drink with Ultimat Vodka, Blue Curacao, Trader's Vic Orgeat Syru, sliced strawberries, and a lime. 

For those interested in the overall spirits of the game, try something meant to look like the Olympic flame. Selected bars in Four Seasons hotels will be offering a drink called the Burning Torch Champagne Cocktail.  A combination of champagne, drizzled with absinthe, topped with cava and elderflower liqueur, the flame part comes from the brown sugar in the bottom of the glass that is set on fire.

If you want to raise your glass to a specific sport, there's no shortage of cocktails to celebrate everything from cycling and rowing to women's boxing. At The Hawthorne, a Boston-based bar, you can find cocktails dedicated to all of the above. Our favorite: the ping-pong inspired cocktail, called the Spin Serve, and is mixed with gin, lemon, ginger, and honey. 

Even though your eyes may be glued to every televised sport for the coming weeks, there's no reason to neglect drinking.  With a variety of creative theme drinks, you'll be able to make the most of the Olympic Games — even if it doesn't include a trip to London.