Olympic Park's Thriving Black Market Selling Chocolate, Chewing Gum

With rules like McDonald's monopoly on the "chips" department in the Olympics Park, Olympic sponsors have got it made. So much so, items like chewing gum and soy sauce packets are now deemed contraband in the arena.

Reuters reports that the "logo police" are in full force at the Olympics, banning any brands that aren't officially sponsoring the Olympics.

This means sushi boxes are going sans soy sauce, since vendors can't find logo-less packages.

As for chocolate and chewing gum? Vendors are selling them, along with other branded savory snacks, but you'll have to ask; they can't display non-sponsor items up front.

These crackdowns are being described as "lunacy," since officials have ordered shops to remove sausages, flowers, and bagels that have been shaped as Olympic rings. In the meantime, anybody found to overstep the boundaries will be fined £20,000 (about $31,260). Luckily, you can still enjoy all those Olympic-themed treats stateside, sans the hefty fee.