Olympian Usain Bolt Wants to Open a Restaurant with Gordon Ramsay

Because 'Gordon Ramsay would be the best,' he said

While athlete-owned restaurants might be too ubiquitous nowadays, another athlete is looking to join the market: Olympian Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican runner recently told The Sun that he would like to launch a themed restaurant, but only if he gets a hot shot name to partner with him.

"If I ever did it, I would need to go in with the best. Gordon Ramsay would be the best. He is the best chef in the world and he has personality as well," he said.

The restaurant would pair his two favorite things: sports and food, where the theme and the menu can match on style and concept.


"The problem with most themed restaurants is that the quality of the food never quite comes up to the same level as the style," Bolt said. We're not too sure if this is up Ramsay's alley, although he was in pro soccer for a while, but hey, it's worth a shot.