Olive Garden’s Newest Food Hybrid Is a Pizza Bowl Full of Meatballs and Cheese

For those days when you can't decide between a pizza and a big bowl of cheese

Olive Garden's Meatball Pizza Bowl is exactly what it sounds like. 

Sometimes the most difficult part of the day is figuring out what, exactly, to have for lunch. Do you want a pizza? A meatball sandwich? Or maybe you just want a giant bowl full of cheese. Now Olive Garden has made that choice a little easier by introducing an astonishing new food hybrid called the Meatball Pizza Bowl, and it’s every bit as wild as it sounds.

Barely two weeks ago, Olive Garden rolled out a dish of Italian-style nachos made of fried pasta chips and loaded with cheese, Italian meats, and sauces. Now fresh on the heels of that staggering work of culinary genius, Olive Garden’s new Meatball Pizza Bowl has debuted, and it is genuinely a seasoned pizza crust that’s been formed into a bowl shape instead of just laying flat, because it can hold more cheese that way.

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Turning the pizza into a bowl means it can be filled with even more cheese and toppings than a regular pizza, and Olive Garden has taken full advantage of that fact. The pizza bowl is filled with what looks like a bucket full of melted cheese, then topped with meatballs and Olive Garden’s meat sauce. According to Thrillist, it is topped with 10 meatballs.

The Meatball Pizza Bowl looks big enough for several meals, but it’s only available as part of Olive Garden’s lunch menu. From Monday through Friday until 3 p.m., the Meatball Pizza Bowl can be had for just $8.99 with unlimited salad and breadsticks as part of the chain’s “lunch duos” promotion. The Meatball Pizza Bowl might sound a little bit bonkers, but a lot of cheese-lovers are going to want to try it, and this is just the sort of thing that makes Olive Garden one of America’s 12 favorite Italian restaurant chains.