Olive Garden Looking to Boost Sales with a Décor Makeover

The Italian chain hopes to make their restaurants more appealing
Olive Garden
PR Newswire

The restaurant chain is about to look very different.

Olive Garden has been going through a “brand renaissance” since earlier this year, and it will continue its overhaul by focusing on restaurant décor. The Italian chain announced that it will be renovating more than 75 of its locations in an effort to create a better dining experience of customers.

The renovations are part of Olive Garden’s attempt to attract more customers after a rough third quarter this year. Other efforts to bring in diners include revamping the menu to include smaller plates and a wine tasting menu. Olive Garden also changed their logo earlier this year to have a cleaner, more modern look.

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Renovations are set to include features for restaurants such as more open dining areas, modern lobbies and bars, comfortable and flexible seating, and more vibrant colors. The chain is also looking to attract tech-savvy customers by redesigning their website, allowing customers to order online, redeem coupons bought in-store, save their favorite meals, and order food days in advance.