Is Oktoberfest Price-Gouging Its Beers?

We wouldn't be too surprised if this were true: New reports show that Munich's Oktoberfest, which kicked off this weekend, has been gouging the price of its beers — and banning all bottled beer.

Officials have said the glass bottle ban is merely a precautionary ban, to prevent injuries from broken bottles, Total Travel reports. Of course, that hurts the thrifty drinkers who think they can sneak bottles into the festival for a cheaper drink. The Guardian reports that beer prices have risen to €9.50 (about $12.30) in the past 10 years, up from €6.50. "The prices for beer sold during Oktoberfest rise every year without reason," said Jan-Ulrich Bittlinger, president of the Association Against Fraudulent Pouring, to the Guardian.

The same organization is starting a petition to force the government to prevent beer prices from rising any further, according to the Guardian. If you're really looking to save a buck, and imbibe on a bottled beer, we recommend you check into the "Oktobertent," a tent built with 500 beer bottles. Hey, it has sleeping bags, a flashlight, and access to a bathroom for a mere €96 per night!