Police Called To Solve Hot Sauce Dispute At Taco Bell

Hot sauce is serious business, but Ohio police insist it is not serious enough to call them about, even if the Taco Bell runs out of mild sauce.

According to ABC News, a woman going through the drive thru of an Ohio Taco Bell asked for some "Mild" sauce to go with her order, but the Taco Bell employee at the window said they were all out of that sauce and only had "Fire" sauce at that moment. That got the woman pretty fired up, and she refused to leave the drive thru. She reportedly got extra angry when the Taco Bell would not give her the meal for half price just because they were out of her favorite sauce, and finally someone in the restaurant called the police.

Ohio police reportedly told the woman that the drive-thru window was not going to be able to solve her problem to her satisfaction, and that she should probably come back the next day to talk to a manager, if she couldn't get over it by then.