Odd Tea Kettle That Resembles Hitler Brews Controversy

Staff Writer
A JC Penney billboard can either be viewed as the Third Reich leader, or merely your average stainless steel teapot.
tea kettle from JC Penney resembles Nazi leader

A tea kettle that resembles Adolf Hitler was on a JC Penney billboard.

JC Penney can’t seem to catch a break. The chain is at the center of controversy again as social media outed billboards advertising a tea kettle that resembles a certain Nazi leader -- Hitler.

The conversation over the kettle began when a driver took a photo of the billboard on a California highway. As one could guess, the photo went viral.

Not only does the kettle seem to have the Fuhrer’s parted hair and notorious moustache, but also the salute of a Nazi soldier.

Up until last night, you could’ve owned the $40 Michael Graves Design stainless steel kettle, but alas, it has sold out. If you are interested in a teapot with the face of Adolf Hitler, (or Charlie Chaplin maybe?) your best bet is stepping into JC Penney.

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The department store responded to the controversy almost immediately via Twitter. The tweet said “Totally unintentional. If we’d designed the kettle to look like something, we would’ve gone w/ this:” followed by a photo of a snowman.