Occupy Wall Street is Now Composting

Protestors collect their waste to compost and distribute to community gardens

Occupy Wall Street protestors were definitely hit hard when the New York City Fire Deparment confiscated their fuel-powered generators. But they've rebounded with bicycle-run generators, and a green campaign to boot. Alongside the green generators that now run the tent camp, the protestors have also implemented composting.

With the help of the organization Time's Up!, the protestors collect between 75 and 200 pounds of compostable waste a day, and transport them via cargo bike in plastic bins to compost facilities in Manhattan.

Occupy Wall Street's tent city has also switched to compostable plates and cups, and protestors have created a water filter system for dishwater, using wood chips and gravel. This isn't the first time the protest has been linked to movements for sustainable resources; a couple weeks ago, there was an Occupy Against Big Food rally.

In other Occupy Wall Street food news, protestors "occupied" Thomas Keller's French Laundry Friday, claiming a private event was affiliated with JPMorgan Chase Bank. Somebody sent out cookie for the protestors, and while a SWAT team was called, there were no injuries or arrests.

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