Obama's Round of Beers Cost Owner $25,000 in Sales

Also noted: the president brings his own home-brewed beer on the campaign bus

The owner of the Iowa State Fair beer tent is angry at Obama for losing sales.

President Obama seemed to be making big strides with Iowa voters after he stopped by the beer tent at the Iowa State Fair and bought a round of beers. But the president's beer stop sure didn't please one voter: the owner of the beer tent, who says Obama's visit cost him a whopping $25,000.

The Des Moines Register reports that the Secret Service's presence at the beer tent had to shut it down, while patrons were screened before going in. And it certainly didn't make third-generation owner of the Bud Tent, Mike Cunningham II, happy about losing sales. Obama's visit "put a damper on what I’m trying to do here," Cunningham told the Register. 

Because the president's stop came during a busy time at a beer tent (a concert was about to take place next door), Cunningham estimates he lost about $25,000 in sales. Cunningham, a Republican, said he certainly wasn't going to vote for Obama now. (He did play a gracious host, however; he smiled for photos and gave Obama a free T-shirt.) Also angry about the beer withdrawal: Iowa Senator Grassley tweeted that night, "How does PresO justify havin secret service shut down the bud tent @ the state fair nd the owner told me he loses 50,000 n 1 nite.”

We'll have to see how the Obama camp responds to the Bud concerns; in the meantime, he should probably stick to his own beer. The Register also notes that Obama's campaign bus is stocked with beer — a home brew original. Obama gave a supporter a whole bottle of his home brew. White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters that of the two varieties Obama brews — light and dark — the light was "refreshing" and "superb." 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/QuinnDombrowski)