Obama's Chief of Staff Grabs a Burger in New York

The president swung through town for a stop at the 'The View' and the United Nations General Assembly

President Obama's recent visit to New York caused some controversy, seeing as the POTUS eschewed any meetings with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly. That job, it seems, went to the Secretary of State.

Instead, Obama revved up his campaign, although he did appear at the reception on Tuesday night to discuss freedom of speech as a universal right. On The View, however, Obama's appearance with Michelle Obama was free of political assertations.

While joking that he was just around as "eye candy," President Obama brought over a basket of gifts, including the oft-reported White House beer for Barbara Walters' birthday.

Obama's chief of staff Jacob Lew, in the meantime, grabbed a burger in between United Nations duties at Midtown's Prime Grill, ordering a $28 porcini burger and fries. He was overheard saying, "I have been dreaming about a burger."