Obama Treats GOP to Dinner- Here's the Menu

Entrees included striped bass, lamb, and lobster 'thermidor'

The boardroom where Obama treated GOP senators to dinner at Plume.

Pre-election fundraising dinners might be over, but that doesn't mean that Barack Obama doesn't eat out. Last night, President Obama invited 12 Republican colleagues out for dinner, even picking up the bill, CBS News reports.

But of course, here at The Daily Meal, what the politicans ate is almost as important as what they discussed (the economy, the budget crisis). So luckily Plume sent out the menu served last night at The Jefferson's Parlor Boardroom, an à la carte menu which politicans were free to choose from. Appetizers included golden beet soup, hamachi tartar, and a blue crab risotto. Entrees included striped bass, a tempura filet of Prine beef, and lamb. And as for dessert there was a peanut butter crumble, chocolate tart, and a vanilla and praline bar.

"As to the most pressing question of the night, i.e., who picked up the tab after discussing the tumultuous state of our economy? To avoid any further economic strife, Mr. Obama had the meal billed directly to The White House," the press release said. Check out the full menu below.

Golden Beet Soup with Quail Egg, Horseradish Crème Fraîche, and Chives
Hamachi Tartar with Shishito & Jalapeño Condiment, Pickled Vegetable Spaghetti, and Cucumber Gelée
Maryland Blue Crab Risotto with Crab Emulsion, and Espelette
Raw and Cooked Vegetable Salad with Asparagus Marmalade, Seasonal Truffle, and Verjus Dressing

Roasted Striped Bass with Baby Artichokes Two Ways, Braised “Barigoule” & “Chips,” and Warm Parmesan Vinaigrette
Colorado Lamb Açaí with Grilled Loin Medallion, Açaí-Braised Lamb Canneloni & Jus, and Okra
Tempura Filet of Prime Beef with Truffled Potato Mousseline, Bone Marrow, and Madeira Jus
Lobster “Thermidor” with White Wine & Saffron Glacage, Dijon Mustard, Herbed Baby Potatoes

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Peanut Butter Crumble with Caramel Apple, California Medjool Date Emulsion, and Quince Sorbet
Heart of Guana Chocolate Tart with Passionata Cremeux and Sumatra Coffee Ice Cream
Iced Tahitian Vanilla and Praline Bar with Mango Chutney, Saffron Pistils, Coconut Rocks, and Kalamansi Caviar