Obama's Massive Fundraising Trip Includes Dinner At ABC Kitchen

President Barack Obama visited New York City yesterday (and screwed up traffic) to hit four fundraising events, including the 100th event of his campaign season. The total expected revenue from this trip? $5 million.

The biggest event was, of course, a dinner at ABC Kitchen followed by a party at ABC Carpet & Home, hosted by Aziz Ansari with The Roots and Ben Folds. Obama hosted about 900 guests, each paying from $1,000 to $35,800 a plate, and he couldn't refrain from making a jab at Ansari in front of all of them.

The staff at ABC Kitchen won't share what was served, and every other publication just speculates that it was local and organic, and obviously not hot dogs. But if you missed out on your chance to dine with the president, he's doing another Dinner with Barack. You won't get your Roots and Ben Folds fix, though.

Check out this video of the last Dinner with Barack, where you can see the president chew and talk about his childhood dream job.