NYCWFF: La Sagra Sunday Slices

Adam Richman, Anne Burrell and 19 amazing pizza joints
Lauren Gordon

Adam Richman and Anne Burrell open up festivities with witty banter and tons of excitement.

Standing on the rooftop of Pier 92 in New York City surrounded by 19 plus pizza vendors is akin to dying and going to heaven. La Sagra Sunday Slices festivities quickly got underway as hosts and personalities chef Anne Burrell and Adam Richman took the stage to introduce some of the amazing eateries participating in the event.

"We have some incredible pizza joints out here today," claimed Richman, a proud Brooklyn native. He went on t encourage the crowd to get to know the pizzerias and continued bantering with Burrell, making off the cuff jokes like how pizza is like sex: no matter how bad it is, it is still pretty good.

The event was a casual affair with most attendees mulling noshing one bites here and there. Most of the samplings served were Neapolitan style pizza with some standout signature dishes, Like Co.'s (a Richman recommendation) Green Tomato Pie and delicious pizza additions like Arancini Bros.' "Arancini Al Nero de Seppia, otherwise known as squid ink risottoballs with  spicy shrimp filling.

Richman and Burrell were stationed close to the demo stage in a roped off section where their families and friends enjoyed the evening drinking wine and socializing with the crowd. Even chef Geoffery Zakarian stopped by to pay Burrell and Richman a visit and chat with fans.

As the crowd combed the stands for fine pizza selections, some were lucky enough to catch demo's from chefs like Alex Guarneschelli, who took the Kenmore stage to show off fall recipes with cinnamon sugar squash. Burrell and Richman later took the demo stage to cook up Anne's grilled pizza, where Richman grilled her on her favorite pizza joints in NYC, like Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.


For a full list of participants, check out La Sagra's line up.