NYC Wine And Food Festival Celebrates Patrón XO With Dessert

Yesterday marked the start of the 2013 New York City Food and Wine Festival, and we couldn't have been happier with the kickoff. We hit up the Patrón XO late night event held at The Monarch on Thursday, Oct. 17. The event was just as luxurious as the coffee flavored tequila. We weren't sure what to expect when we heard that Patrón was featuring their XO Café which is a blend of Patrón Silver tequila and the natural essence of coffee. The drinks certainly gave us a run for our money. Coffee isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about tequila but last night totally changed our way of thinking about tequila.

Unbelievable cocktails were crafted to pair with some decadent desserts that left our mouths watering. The Monarch was a phenomenal location for Patrón XO to be showcased and the dim lighting with sexy desserts being passed around gave the night a sensual feel. We tasted some incredible cocktails but shockingly, Patrón XO on its own with a few rocks thrown in was by far the best drink had at the after-hours affair. We definitely weren't complaining when we came across other drinks like Patrón XO Hot Chocolate, and some pretty wild cold cocktails that used the coffee flavored tequila.

Small bite desserts included hibiscus poached pear with sabayon, caramel puffs, dark cocoa cake, and citronage fruit tartlets. As if that weren't enough to make us load up our plates there were 3 different flavors of ice cream developed that all used Patron. Patrón XO Café Crunch was a favorite of the night. If we weren't thinking about Patrón XO has an option for dessert before the event last night, we certainly are now.