New York City Shop Sells Artisanal Tap Water (Yes, Really)

We've heard of just about everything artisanal — artisanal cocktails, artisanal sodas, even craft beers can be artisanal. But just when we thought we'd heard it all, some wise guy decided that his tap water wasn't artisanal enough. 

Nope, no New York City tap could pour pure enough water for the owners of Molecule, a new shop in the East Village. That's why the owners have spent $25,000 on a filtration system, reports the Wall Street Journal. Says the WSJ, the sytem "uses ultraviolet rays, ozone treatments, and reverse osmosis in a seven-stage processing treatment" to pour out pure H20. 

As if that wasn't quite enough, the owners also offer additional vitamins and supplements to spruce up your water:  vitamins A, B, C, D, and E; or a "mixture of roots, herbs, fruits, and mushrooms" that sound much like Jamba Juice additives with names like "immunity" and "skin, hair, and nails." The store will also offer electrolyte and pH infusions. 

Is the shop going overboard with its water? Some say yes: such water treatments not only strip out harmful chemicals, but also natural minerals that make water healthy. Others say that tap water has dangerous amounts of fluoride and chlorine. (A New York City spokesman responded and said that NYC tap water is one of the safest sources of tap water in the world.) We guess if you're really that concerned about what's in your water, paying $2.50 for 16 ounces of this pure drink won't seem like that much.