NuWay Burgers To Ship Nationally

NuWay, a Wichita, Kan. burger chain founded in 1930 and specializing in "crumbly burgers" – a Midwestern burger style similar to Iowa's famed loose meat sandwiches – has taken up the task of achieving national distribution with a rollout planned for shortly before Thanksgiving. According to the Wichita Eagle, Director of Operations Chris Stong ordered other frozen shipped foods to decipher their methods.

After numerous customer requests and pining from Wichita expats, the chain recognized the potential for growth. After weighing their options, they decided on burgers shipped on dry ice, wrapped in NuWay-branded paper and placed in Styrofoam. The goal is to have all shipments delivered within 2 days, anywhere in the United States.

NuWay burgers come topped with pickles, onions and mustard, a burger condiment once condemned by Fox News pundits after President Obama was seen ordering a Ray's Hell Burger with djon.

The company also makes its own root beer on premises daily. It's available for purchase in half-gallon containers, but there are no plans to export bottled brews anytime soon.