Enterprising Genius Invents Gadget to Keep Roommates From Stealing Your Nutella

A German inventor came up with a Nutella lock to keep thieves out of your food


A Nutella lock available on German ebay will keep roommates and children from stealing a person's Nutella. 

There are few kitchen experiences as heartbreaking as entering one’s pantry looking forward to a big, indulgent scoop of Nutella, only to find that one's roommate has already eaten all of it. It’s even worse if that person then puts the jar back, as though one would not notice that it was empty. But now nobody will have to go around nursing those wounds, because an enterprising genius in Germany has invented a special lock specifically to keep thieves out of Nutella jars.

According to The Local, Daniel Schobloch, of Borkenkaefer Furniture and Fittings, came up with the idea as a joke, but it turns out people really wanted a way to lock their Nutella jars.

"The idea started out as a joke," Schobloch said. "One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella."

Schobloch’s invention is an acrylic lock that fits around the top of a jar of Nutella and prevents anyone from opening it without a key. Schobloch made one for his friend, but then so many other people wanted them that he decided to put them up on eBay. So far he has sold over 1,000 of them at €9.99 each.

Schobloch says the locks won’t actually keep out a very determined thief, because it would not be that difficult to just smash the acrylic parts. As a novelty gift, however, people love the idea. Schobloch has his invention patented and up for sale on eBay now, and hopes to have it in stores in the near future.