Dream Job Alert: Nutella Is Hiring 60 Taste-Testers To Work In Italy

Hello, and welcome to your dream job. The makers of delicious hazelnut-cocoa spread Nutella are hiring 60 taste-testers to work in Italy.

The workers will serve as "sensory testers" for the company's research company, Soremartec Italia S.R.L.,  at an office in Alba, Italy, according to Italian news site The Local.

And the sweet-eaters don't need experience. The Local reports that Ferrero specifically wants regular consumers, not nutrition experts. The lucky 60 will begin on September 30 with a three-month course in honing their senses, and then 40 of the group will be chosen to work two days a week on tasting panels.

Sad news for American eaters, though. A representative from Nutella's parent company Ferrero told The Daily Meal in an email that while the opportunity is indeed real, the company is not accepting applications from the U.S. or Canada.

"I regret to inform you this opportunity was for our location in Alba, Italy and currently no similar recruitment has been planned in other geographical areas," the representative wrote.

Eh, that's OK, our dentists probably would've frowned on this new employment opportunity anyway. But you can still brush up on your Nutella knowledge with this list of 10 things you didn't know about the sweet spread.