By The Numbers: Taco Bell Hot Sauce

That collection of condiment packets that has been increasing in your glove compartment, refrigerator, or office drawer is about to get more colorful. Two new salsas have been added to Taco Bell's hot sauce lineup: Salsa Verde and Fire-Roasted Tomato. In their honor, here's a look at packet factoids by the numbers.
$0.091667  What one blogger determined was the going price for one packet of Taco Bell's hot sauce on eBay.


8 Sauces/solutions that a former Taco Bell employee used to determine the reasoning behind its ability to clean pennies.

10 WGA writers offered a chance to punch up Taco Bell sauce packet jokes during the strike in 2008.

15 Number of phrases used on Taco Bell packets when the company launched saucy sayings in 2004.

18 The number of ingredients listed for one packet of Salsa Verde.

24 Ingredients listed for one packet of Fire-Roasted Salsa.

30 Average number of days under which the chain says any hot sauce packets will stay in a store.

35  The number of Taco Bell hot sauce packets it would take to refill your bottle at home for free.

40 The number of mild hot sauce packets funneled at once in this video.

58 The number of different variables in which you can dress the three old hot sauce packets using this tool. 12 shirts, 11 bottoms, 10 shoes, 16 hats, 9 backgrounds.

70 Number of characters you can use to be funny in Taco Bell's Sauce Packet Wisdom Sweepstakes.


120 The number of days the restaurant has said their hot sauce packets are best used within.

25,000   The number of hot sauce packets taken from and then returned to Taco Bell after collecting them for three years by a group calling the prank Operation F.T.P. (Fire sauce Taco Bell).