Now You Can Get Your Coffee Fix From a Piece of Candy

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A chocolate factory in Miami has created 'coffee thins'
Facebook/Coffee Thins

Now coffee addicts have a new way to satisfy their coffee cravings other than an average cup. Tierra Nueva, a chocolate factory in Miami, recently launched a new product of miniature square coffee thins, aimed directly at the estimated 2.2 billion people around the world who drink coffee daily.

While these candies might taste like chocolate, they are made with no cocoa, but one piece is equivalent to one cup of caffeinated coffee. “We knew that we had a crowd that would definitely be interested in a product that not only substituted [coffee], but tasted good,” said Pablo Reyes of Tierra Nueva. These coffee bars were just awarded by the National Confectioners Association for the most innovative snack product of the year.

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Coffee fiends might be hesitant to replace their usual cup of joe with a sugary candy, but Reyes emphasizes that these candies are only meant to enhance the caffeinated boost coffee provides. For Starbucks enthusiasts spending over $4 a day on their coffee needs, these candies come in packs of 12 for just $4.99 at local stores like Winn-Dixie and Circle K. With original flavors like latte, espresso and Americano, both coffee and candy lovers alike will find these delicious treats a new way to jumpstart their mornings.