Now You Can Drink Like George Washington

The rye whiskey recipe, made by the first president himself, will go on sale next month

Take that, scientists recreating a beer from a shipwrecked boat from the 1840s — George Washington’s Distillery at Historic Mount Vernon has now recreated the same rye whiskey that the first president of the United States used to distill. 

The Mount Vernon distillery will sell about 1,100 bottles of the unaged rye whiskey to the public for $95 each, says The Huffington Post. The whiskey was made using the same 18th-century techniques that Washington himself used. Washington, an avid distiller, built the then-largest distillery in the country in 1797. In the year 1799, he produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey, worth the then-substantial sum of $7,500. Who would have known the first president was the founding father of American whiskey?


It's not the first time that distillers have recreated Washington's original rye whiskey; the distillery at Mount Vernon was restored beginning in 2000, and sold the first recreated batch of whiskey in 2010. And that first batch sold out in two hours to the public, according to a release — so you better start planning how you'll get the rye whiskey now. Sorry, President Obama, but your home brew has nothing on Washington's whiskey.