Now There's A 'Top Chef' Magazine, Too

Lucky us, we got our hands on Food & Wine's January issue with the "first-ever Top Chef Magazine," a 24-page section dedicated to the show's contestants and judges.

Included for avid Top Chef fans: a Top Chef trivia game, contestants' funniest behind-the-scenes moments, the most embarassing moments on set, and a travel guide from your favorite judges.

Some favorite portions: Zac Young recalls a streetside pole-dancing competition to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" with Yigit Pura, who he calls his "big sister." "He may have won the season, but I'm the better pole dancer," Young says.

Fan favorite Fabio Viviani also secretly wished everyone else would get kidnapped, because "I didn't appreciate the alone time until I was living with those 15 monkeys." But the funniest behind-the-scenes moment for Viviani? "There's a story about Kenny Gilbert and a blow-up doll." Please spill.

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