Now There's a Rap for Riesling

Well, that's one way to publicize German wines

The "riesling rap."

This riesling rap may even rival that "Wine Country Rap" out of San Francisco this year. In case you needed a soundtrack while you drink your rieslings, the Wines of Germany (a company meant to promote, well, you know, wines of Germany) released a rap video dedicated to the varietal. The tune, called "German Riesling Rap (Must Be Seduktion)" features a swagged out rapper and a long-haired "wine scientist," classing it up with a glass or two.

Sadly, the riesling "Seduktion" doesn't exist — but we wish it did. And we'd really like to stroll the vineyards with that German "wine scientist," Doktor Hans (especially if he dons that grape costume). 

Need some German riesling recommendations? Our wine experts recommended plenty in our 52 Wines for 2013 list: the 2011 Donnhoff Niederhäauser Brucücke Riesling from Rheinland, or the 2009 Kesselstatt Josephöfer Mosel GG Riesling Trocken. And then there's the very popular Dr. Frank's rieslings from the Finger Lakes region, and the Lucien Albrecht Alsace Riesling Reserve from Alsace, France. Check out the rest of our wine recommendations for the year. 

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