LMAO!!! Pinot Grigio And LOL!!! Riesling Coming To Stores Near You

So apparently, all these young drinkers are too scared of wine to learn names like pinot grigio and riesling, so wine marketers have decided to devlove into tween text speak in order to get their attention.

The latest brand of wine, TXT Cellars, has released abbreviated-labeled wines like WTF!!! Pinot Noir (exclamation points theirs, obviosuly).

Then again, this is the latest in the trend of unique wines, such as Cupcake Vineyards and a slew of sassy wine names. Earlier this month Be. wines came out with names like "Be Radiant," and "Be Bright," followed by descriptors like "fresh chardonnay."

"We wanted to create a brand that would inspire and not necessarily intimidate because the wine category can be intimidating,” Leslie Walters, Be. wines brand manager, told Economic Times.

Of course, that's the same sentiment TXT Cellars has. The Washington Post reports that the brand claims to be "unpretentious" and "easy to relate to," since, they "don't like wine geeks."

Of course, most of this is just wine people catering toward "millennials," hoping to be their gateway wine into the scary scary world of reds vs. white and chardonnay vs. merlot. But as one 20-year-old told the Washington Post, people tend to want their wine to "feel mature." A LOL!!! label "conveys, like, partying or drunkeness to me... If I'm going to get drunk at a party, I'll just drink vodka."