Now Mitt Romney Has an Olive Garden Review

Quote: 'The ice water was just the right temperature'

Mitt Romney

Sure, Marilyn Hagerty's Olive Garden review is sweet, genuine, and insanely viral (she got a New York City trip out of it), but Mother Jones brings us "an exclusive copy of an unpublished manuscript written by Willard Mitt Romney." The contents? A review of Grand Forks' Olive Garden.

Titled "Olive Garden Is Great," the transcript includes real gems like, "There was a fireplace, a real old-fashioned hearth, in the corner, and a nice vase on the ledge. I love décor; napkins are great. The ice water was just the right temperature."

Then, he ordered the chicken Alfredo pizza ("She suggested chicken Alfredo, and I was feeling a little rebellious so I ordered the chicken Alfredo pizza"), had them hold the Alfredo, scallions, and cheese, dumped the chicken, cut off the crust, and ate the bread.

"I told Ann, I said, I don't usually eat fast food, but this is pretty good. Ann didn't think I should say that," the review concludes. We know it's probably not real, but if this came from Romney's camp, at least they know what's up on the Internet. Head over to Mother Jones for the hilarious review.