Now London's Getting a Cat Café, Thanks to Public Funding

When will this become legal in the States? New York needs this

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Now, relaxing with a cup of tea might also come with some kitten playtime; a cat café is set to open in London, inspired by cat cafées (and bunny cafées) in Japan.

According to The Independent, 30-year-old Lauren Pears decided to try launching a cat cafééé after noticing the lack of coffee-plus-pets locations in the city, especially since Brits living in the city rarely have space (or time, or money) for a pet. The result: Going to Indiegogo to raise money for London's first cat café.

Pears has reportedly raised £100,000 (more than $150,000) from her Indiegogo venture, and is bringing in 10 to 15 cats from Mayhew Animal Home. Café visitors must pay £5 per visit (about $8), without any time limitations. "That way, people can stay as long as they like without feeling like they’re against the clock, which works for the cats because it takes cats a little time to get used to people," she told The Independent. VIP membership will reportedly go for £130 (a little less than $200), and the café will have a volunteer program so people can look after the cats overnight.

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In the meantime, Pears has gotten more than 150 applications to work at said cat café; now all we need is a New York version. How do we get the permits for this? And can we do it with puppies instead? But also, maybe this will happen.