Novecento Pizzeria 900: Ultimate Wood Fired Pizza

Ultimate Wood Fired Pizza

Today I am implementing a new segment on my site called Foodie Finds Friday™, which I will feature a new Foodie Find that I love and highly recommend, just in time for the weekend. I am starting out this Friday, with my other favorite thing to eat, PIZZA! Yes, I know, it includes cheese, which made it a winner already, but it also includes bread, which gives it extra points.

Let me explain, how I stumbled upon this level of pizza deliciousness! I was driving on two wheels, of course, to In-N-Out, you just read the story of Burgers Gone Wild, which I posted just yesterday. Well after leaving In-N-Out, I was driving down the street and all I saw was WOOD FIRED! That was enough to get me to stop...while still holding my burger in one hand, I ran in and got a menu. All I wanted was a menu because I already knew "I'll Be Back!"

24 hours later and a fully digested burger, I returned to Novecento Pizzeria 900. First, I must explain, this is not your normal take-out pizza that's thrown together, mass produced, and down right an insult to true pizzerias around the world! Novecento Pizzeria 900, is the real deal! Grant it, I have not had pizza in Italy, but Chef Marc, who owns Novecento has, and that makes all the difference in his pizza making skills.

First and foremost, let's start out with the most important part of Novecento, CUSTOMER SERVICE! Do you hear me out there, business owners, CUSTOMER SERVICE! When you walk into Novecento, you're immediately greeted by the pizza geniuses behind the glass counter, which features a wide open kitchen to view them in action. Everyone is happy, did you hear me, they are happy, you know why? Because there pizza is perfect! How can one not be happy, using fresh mozzarella, tomatoes from Italy, and the best Pizza crust I have ever tasted!

Then there is Chef Marc, yes, he is a real chef, who decided he wanted to take his love of cooking and eating great food around Las Vegas, and turn that into a great pizza, mission accomplished! Chef Marc stated that he did not want to just give consumers a fast food pizza experience, made in a steel oven, and mass produced. Chef Marc wanted to focus on quality, i.e. wood fired oven, tomatoes from Italy, people, fresh mozzarella cheese and did I mention the made to order Chopped Salads! Oh, don't forget the gelato, I had the spumoni, and it was pure deliciousness!

People, please believe me, this pizza is da' bomb, lol! I went to Novecento Pizzeria 900 with the intention to eat Pizza Margherita with Pepperoni, and yes, I did eat that, but I also ate Pizza Margherita with Sausage too! And they both were divine! When you are in town, or when Novecento Pizzeria 900 opens in your city, yes, you heard it from me first, I see mass locations around the U.S., you must stop in, and eat a pizza or two!

Novecento Pizzeria 900

5705 Centennial Center Blvd Ste170

Las Vegas, NV 89149

(702) 685-4900