(Not-So-)Diet Sodas

Despite the fact that diet sodas contain zero calories, a few recently completed studies have, again, made the suggestion that diet sodas are bad for your head, heart and waistline.

New studies have added more evidence to the previously stated fact that diet sodas are not only unhealthy, but do the exact opposite of what they logically would do and lead to weight gain. Various sources, such as the popular diet book Skinny Bitch, have previously published about the uglier side of diet sodas. One study that followed nearly 500 subjects over the period of about two decades found that subjects that consumed diet sodas had waist increases 70 percent greater than that of non-users. Additionally, another study that followed over 2,500 New Yorkers over a similar period of time discovered that people drinking diet soda everyday were 61 percent more at risk for vascular events. The researchers of this study are not yet prepared to tell consumers to cut diet soda out of their diets completely, but ask that they watch out as more research is conducted on the subject.

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