'Not My Day Job' Talent and Culinary Showcase

Believe it or not, singing waiters do exist outside of Ellen’s Stardust Diner — and this is their chance to shine

Not Their Day Job

Fortunately for New York’s multitalented chefs, there’s no need to hang up their toques to showcase their skills in realms beyond the culinary world. "Not My Day Job," New York’s third annual talent and culinary showcase, provides a stage for the cook with a rhythm in his step. On Oct. 21, head down to the Prince George Ballroom in New York's Gramercy neighborhood for a fun-filled afternoon of performances accompanied by tasting tables and cocktails from 21 of New York’s most celebrated restaurants and bars.

This year’s "Not My Day Job" will also include a cocktail competition, where mixologists will compete to see who can come up with the best St. Germain-inspired drink. A panel of judges will crown a winner, with a fan favorite in contention as well.

A silent auction is also on the agenda, featuring visual art created by hospitality individuals, as well as other experiences and specialty food-focused items. Tickets are $50 per adult, $25 per child, and all proceeds will benefit Fourth Arts Block, the Greenwich House, and Urban Arts Partnership.

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No word yet on whether there will actually be a tap-dancing food runner or beat-boxing cook as their site promises, but with that many chefs in the room, something great is bound to happen.