15 Gifts You Deserve

Feature image by Sarah Adler

Not many people admit it, but holiday shopping sucks when you want all the gifts you're buying for other people. Since you've been so generous lately, we think you deserve a little somethin' somethin' for yourself. None of the following gifts will break the bank, but all of them will make your life a little easier, happier and more fun. (If you're still looking for gifts for others, hurry up! Click here for 20 gifts for food lovers under $25 and here for the perfect gifts for your family. More gifts from Fancy can be found here.)

Red cup shot glasses, for "drinking in moderation." Ceramic red cup shot classes – 4 for $10

Mugs that wake up with coffee, even if you don't. Heat-sensitive day and night mug – $14

Another kitchen gadget you didn't know you needed (but you do). Snap-on strainer – $6

A titanium spork for when you're confused. Titanium spork – $12

 Trade in your bulky measuring cups for this puppy. Measures both dry and liquid ingredients. Adjust-a-cup measuring cup – $11

If you don't have time to chalk a masterpiece on your mug every morning, the black matte looks cool anyway. Ceramic chalkboard mug – $12

Because this would make it way cooler to eat Ben & Jerry's out of the container. Finger spoons – 4 for $10

Shot on top, chaser at the bottom. Magic. Shot and chaser glass – $10

If you hate huge, bulky colanders as much as we do, you'll really appreciate this flat one. Sinkstation flat colander – $13

A solution to all those times you wish you had three hands. Plastic party tray - 21 plates for $28

Hey, I think you're due for a new phone case. Ice cream sandwich for iPhone – $16


A Keurig coffee brewer? Less than $16?? Actually, it's free, if you win it. Enter to win a Keurig from Spoon, here

Now you really don't have an excuse to avoid eating vegetables in college. Microwave bag cooker – $16

An essential item for every college student. Safety first! Wine & soda drinking helmet – $15

The perfect (innocent) prank to get back at your dorm RA. Ice cream door stop – $15

For badass chronic beer drinkers. Bottle opener ring – $5

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