Students Arrested For Bringing Marijuana Cakes To School

Two Norwegian teenagers with a lot of guts and not much sense took school pranks to the next level this week when they brought tasty cakes to share with the class that were actually full of a massive dose of marijuana. Both have since been arrested.

According to The Local, the two teenagers purportedly brought the cakes for Easter as a nice gift to share with the school. Later that day, however, several teachers were struck by a mysterious illness and found themselves having difficulty remaining on their feet.

"They felt ill. They were dizzy and felt totally out of it," Arne LauvÄlien, head of the local police, said.

Still, nobody suspected the cakes until two of the teachers were taken to the hospital, where tests revealed that both had consumed very large doses of cannabis. At that point, suspicion fell on the Easter cakes.

"When we began to unravel it, it became clear quite rapidly which of the cakes it had been," LauvÄlien said. "The school knew who had baked the special cake, so we were on the trail of the cake bakers relatively early."

Both teens eventually admitted to filling the cakes with marijuana. They were both arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, and they face potential additional charges of poisoning.