Norway's Olympic Team Accidentally Ordered 15,000 Eggs Due To Translation Mix-Up

Eggs are a rich source of protein, and athletes tend to eat a lot of them. But nobody could eat as many eggs as the Norwegian Olympic team received this week, after a translation mix-up left them with 15,000 eggs they didn't want.

According to Extra Crispy, chefs with Norway's Olympic team were ordering supplies for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea this week, and they say they decided to use Google Translate to help them order ingredients from a Korean grocery delivery service. Somehow there was a mistake in the order, and the chefs say they accidentally wound up ordering 15,000 eggs instead of the 1,500 they wanted.

The chefs say they were astounded when the eggs started showing up not long after they'd placed the order.

"We received half a truckload of eggs," said Stale Johansen, the chef for Team Norway, to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. "There was no end to the delivery. Absolutely unbelievable."

Fortunately, the chefs say they were able to return all the accidental eggs, and they just kept the 1,500 they originally wanted. Before the 13,500 eggs went back to the store, the chefs took a photo for Twitter so they could share their funny story with the rest of the world.

Olympic athletes eat less than people tend to think they do, but Johansen said his team plans on using a lot of eggs during the Olympics. The chefs will be serving food 24 hours a day, and Johansen said they'll be making omelets, boiled and fried eggs, and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. For more good ideas for things to do with an unexpected surplus of eggs, check out the world's 50 best egg recipes.