Woman Waves Gun in Restaurant Over Boneless Chicken Wings

Sending out the wrong order can have dire consequences when customers are armed
Chicken wings

Wikimedia/Ralph Roletschek

A woman in North Carolina reportedly started swinging a gun around a restaurant after she was given boneless chicken wings instead of the bone-in variety.

Whether or not “boneless chicken wings” count as chicken wings at all can be a matter of some debate, but the issue came to a violent head earlier this week when a North Carolina woman was served the wrong sort of wings and wound up waving a gun around the restaurant to make her point.

According to Fox News, the 24-year-old woman had reportedly ordered the restaurant’s bone-in chicken wings but was served an order of “boneless wings” instead. What should have been a simple case of a mistaken order returned for the right one somehow turned into a loud fight between the woman and the clerk who tried to give her boneless wings.  

Then the woman actually left the restaurant, went out to her car to get her gun, then came back and started waving it around the restaurant in a threatening manner.


The woman has since been charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun.