Bottled Water Infects 2,000 People With Norovirus

Water is supposed to be one of the most healthful things a person can drink, but this week more than 2,000 people in Spain got an unpleasant surprise when they caught a nasty stomach bug from their nice, cold bottled spring water.

According to The Local, 2,020 people were reportedly sickened with norovirus on Monday, thanks to a contaminated batch of bottled water. The bottled water was reportedly the kind found in office water coolers, and the source of the contamination is not yet clear, but it is suspected that the source occurred somewhere with spring water bottled in Andorra, Spain.

The Grupo Eden Springs bottled water company has recalled more than 6,000 bottles of water in response. The company said it was a precautionary measure as they look to find the source of the virus, and the recall is probably a good idea, because norovirus is a very unpleasant infection that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, and now a lot of office workers are probably taking their sick days this week thanks to their contaminated office water coolers.